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It wasn’t long ago that recruiting meant ads in the newspaper or at the very least, magazines. Enter the internet where we had pages such as and others that allowed us to put up those ads to help us to recruit the people that we needed for the jobs that were open.

The internet has evolved in much the same way that jobs have evolved. Today social media is the method of choice for recruiting new employees and even new executives, but how do you use it most effectively?

Find Your Target Audience—Fish Where the Fish Are.

Seek out groups which contain members that are part of your target audience. If you’re looking to recruit nurse faculty then go and find nursing school groups or nursing school accreditation groups. If you are looking for teachers, seek out teaching groups and join them and use them to make friends and contacts in the profession of your choice. It’s easier to recruit when you have a full group of “fish” that suit your purpose.

Create Posts That Get Their Attention

You are not the only one recruiting on Facebook or Twitter or any of the other social media sites. Create posts that get their attention and get them to want to engage with you. If you don’t, someone else will. In many cases, companies are using the same posts over and over again to create the illusion of a lot of content but eventually your readers are going to notice.

Consider Creating a Video Ad

Videos are getting a lot of attention these days. Consider a well targeted video ad. For extra punch, make friends with some of the friends of people you are targeting. Most good workers in every field have been hounded to death by recruiters and they are ignoring them. Take a different approach and target the friends of people that you want to see your ad. That way it comes to them second hand and feels like their own idea when they call you to ask for more information.

Facebook is where most of the people are that you want to target. While it has lost a little ground recently, certainly not enough to make it be a less than viable way to recruit. Sheer numbers alone and the many groups available to you make it one of the best places to find great talent for school, college or university.


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