Advocate Search Group has become one of the most reputable search firms in the Education industry by consistently filling our clients’ positions with highly qualified candidates.

The Teacher practice serves both K-12 schools and colleges & universities in identifying and recruiting top talent for their institutions. We successfully place over 100 teachers each academic year.

Partial list of Teacher positions we fill:

Accounting Teacher
Adapted P.E .Teacher
Aerobics Teacher
Algebra Teacher
Algebra I Teacher
Algebra II Teacher
American Literature Teacher
Ancient Civilizations Teacher
Ancient History Teacher
Ancient Literature Teacher
Animal Science Teacher
Anthropology Teacher
Archery Teacher
Art Teacher
Art Appreciation Teacher
Art History Teacher
Art I Teacher
Art II Teacher
Art III Teacher
Art IV Teacher
Astronomy Teacher
Auto Mechanics Teacher
Band Teacher
Basic First Aid and Safety Teacher
Basic Math Teacher
Biochemical Systems Theory Teacher
Biology Teacher
Botany Teacher
Bowling Teacher
British Literature Teacher
Business Math Teacher
Business Technology Teacher
Calculus Teacher
Career Planning Teacher
Ceramics Teacher
Chemistry Teacher
Child Development Teacher
Chinese Teacher
Choir Teacher
Civics Teacher
Classical Music Studies Teacher
Composition Teacher
Computer Aided Drafting Teacher
Computer Graphics Teacher
Computer Repair Teacher
Computer Science or Lab Teacher
Consumer Math Teacher
Creative Writing Teacher
Critical Thinking Teacher