Advocate Search Group has become one of the most reputable search firms in the Education industry by consistently filling our clients’ positions with highly qualified candidates. The Tutor practice serves both K-12 schools and colleges & universities in identifying and recruiting top talent for their institutions. We successfully place over 100 tutors each academic year.

Partial list of Tutor positions we fill:

Accounting Tutor
Algebra Tutor
Algebra I Tutor
Algebra II Tutor
American Literature Tutor
Ancient Civilizations Tutor
Ancient History Tutor
Ancient Literature Tutor
Animal Science Tutor
Anthropology Tutor
Art Tutor
Art History Tutor
Art I Tutor
Art II Tutor
Art III Tutor
Art IV Tutor
Astronomy Tutor
Basic First Aid and Safety Tutor
Basic Math Tutor
Biochemical Systems Theory Tutor
Biology Tutor
Botany Tutor
Bowling Tutor
British Literature Tutor
Business Math Tutor
Business Technology Tutor
Calculus Tutor
Career Planning Tutor
Chemistry Tutor
Child Development Tutor
Chinese Tutor
Choir Tutor
Civics Tutor
Classical Music Studies Tutor
Composition Tutor
Computer Aided Drafting Tutor
Computer Graphics Tutor
Computer Science or Lab Tutor
Consumer Math Tutor
Creative Writing Tutor
Critical Thinking Tutor
Culinary Arts Tutor
Cycling Tutor
Dance Tutor
Debate Tutor
Desktop Publishing Tutor
Developmental Systems Theory Tutor
Digital Arts Tutor
Drafting Tutor
Drama Tutor
Dramatics Tutor
Drawing Tutor
Earth Science Tutor
Ecological Systems Theory Tutor
Ecology Tutor
Economics Tutor
English Tutor
English I Tutor
English II Tutor
English III Tutor
English IV Tutor
Environmental Science Tutor
Ergonomics Tutor
ESL Tutor
Financial Management Tutor
Forensic Science Tutor
French Tutor
Fundamental Math or Basic Math Tutor
Gardening Tutor
Genealogy Tutor
General Science Tutor
Geography Tutor
Geology Tutor
Geometry Tutor
German Tutor
Government Tutor
Grammar Tutor
Greek Tutor
Greek and Roman History Tutor
Handwriting Tutor
Health Tutor
Healthful Living {Personal Health} Tutor
Hebrew Tutor
Home Economics Tutor
Home Management Tutor
Honors Math in Algebra or Geometry Tutor
Instrumental Music Tutor
Intermediate Algebra Tutor
Introduction to Algebra Tutor
Japanese Tutor
Journalism Tutor
Keyboarding Tutor
Language Arts Tutor
Latin Tutor
Leadership Tutor
Life Science Tutor
Lifeskills Tutor
Logic I Tutor
Logic II Tutor
Marine Biology Tutor
Martial Arts Tutor
Math Tutor
Mathematics Tutor
Medieval and Renaissance Tutor
Medieval History Tutor
Medieval Literature Tutor
Meteorology Tutor
Modern History with US History Tutor
Modern Literature Tutor
Music Tutor
Music Appreciation Tutor
Music Fundamentals Tutor
Music History Tutor
Music Theory Tutor
Nutrition Tutor
Occupational Therapy Tutor
Oceanography Tutor
Orchestra Tutor
Organic Chemistry Tutor
Painting Tutor
Performing Arts Tutor
Personal Finance and Investing Tutor
Personal Organization Tutor
Philosophy Tutor
Photography Tutor
Photojournalism Tutor
Photoshop Tutor
Physical Science Tutor
Physics Tutor
Poetry Tutor
Political Science Tutor
Pre-Algebra Tutor
Pre-calculus Tutor
Programming Tutor
Psychology Tutor
Publishing Skills Tutor
Reading Tutor
Remedial English Tutor
Remedial Math Tutor
Renaissance History with US History Tutor
Renaissance Literature Tutor
Rhetoric Tutor
SAT Prep Tutor
Science Tutor
Sign Language Tutor
Social Sciences Tutor
Social Skills Tutor
Social Studies Tutor
Sociology Tutor
Spanish Tutor
Speech Tutor
Speech and Debate Tutor
Speech Therapy Tutor
Statistics Tutor
Study Skills Tutor
Theatre Arts Tutor
Trigonometry Tutor
U.S. History and Government Tutor
US History Tutor
Veterinary Science Tutor
Vocabulary Tutor
Voice Tutor
Web Design Tutor
Word Processing Tutor
Work-Study Tutor
World Current Events Tutor
World Geography Tutor
World History Tutor
World Literature Tutor
World Religions Tutor
Zoology Tutor