5 Tips To Identify The Best Adjunct Faculty For Your Full-time Faculty Positions

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If an institution is using adjunct nursing faculty and plans on converting some of them into full-time nursing faculty, it can be difficult. The majority of the educational qualifications are the same, however, the pay is not. A lot of adjunct instructors enjoy their adjunct status but would prefer the career benefits of being full-time faculty. If an institution is looking at making some adjunct nursing faculty full-time, there are some tips which might be helpful.

Adjunct Nursing Faculty to Full-Time: Outside the Office

While most adjunct nursing faculty will not have their own office, it doesn’t usually stop them from meeting with their students. A true teacher will make time, so focus on the adjuncts that are seen meeting with students. There are a variety of ways that the adjunct nursing faculty member could use to meet with their students such as meetings in the library, student lounge or after class.

Adjunct Nursing Faculty to Full-Time: Trusting the Teacher

Identify the instructors that trainees trust. These are teachers that are approachable and that students are not afraid to ask a question. This tends to amplify the clinical learning experience. Most people will not approach someone that they feel is going to demean them or put them down for asking a question. So, singling these instructors out can help in the decision making when determining the right adjunct nursing faculty to add to the permanent teaching team.

Adjunct Nursing Faculty to Full-Time: The Challenge

Even though they may fuss, most students like to be challenged. Ensure that the faculty member that is being considered uses practice setting to help instruct the students. This would include using quizzes or critical thinking. Being calm, patient, and using constructive criticism are qualities which can help the students learn the things that they have not.

Adjunct Nursing Faculty to Full-Time: Has the Right Stuff

Make sure that the person being considered is knowledgeable and experienced in the field. An instructor that has experience in the field can explain things that aren’t in the textbook. These instructors tend to be able to debrief the student more accurately and calmly, assisting the student in learning.

Adjunct Nursing Faculty to Full-Time: Perfect for the Job

The full-time candidate should exude the qualities that they teach. Make sure that they are professional, punctual, organized, and have the ability to multitask. These are important for any nursing student and should be portrayed by the instructor teaching the course. Choosing which of the adjunct faculty would make a good addition to the full-time faculty is not always an easy task. Evaluate each candidate using the above tips and hopefully, the best adjunct faculty will choose your institution to become full-time faculty at.


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