We Have Bad Reviews on Glassdoor. What Can We Do?

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Glassdoor is a company that allows current and former employees to anonymously rate and review their experiences at a company. These are then used as a resource for future employability assessments.

What happens when your company receives a scathing review especially when they are in your opinion — unmerited? According to the team at Glassdoor, these reviews cannot be removed from the site solely based on your disagreement.

Still, there are ways to mitigate a negative review.

Open Discussion

Consult your existing team with regards to the targeted complaint and decide if there is any verity behind it. If the content is revealed as being inaccurate, reinforce positive attitudes within the company that would encourage a wave of good reviews in the future.

Prep a Response

Glassdoor prides itself as a fair system. Hence, it is entirely free to sign up for an employer account whereby you may personally respond to any review made towards your company.

This transparency allows employers to directly address complaints and have their thoughts reflected in those reviews. It is encouraged for employers to calmly and thoughtfully reply to all reviews, regardless of their tone as this promotes a degree of professionalism.

Build a reputation that encourages communication, the higher the management position of the respondent, the humbler and more approachable the organization might seem.

Thank Yous

Drop a simple thank you with each response and proceed with addressing the issue in the most tactful and friendly manner. Readers may be initially thrown off by the negativity, but a perceived friendliness could negate potentially devastating impressions.

Follow up by suggesting ways to improve upon the reported item/s. Upon recommending some changes, list a couple of positive features from within the company that may adequately nullify the bad.

Do note to never leave template answers as they seem insincere and may further despoil the reputation of your company.

If you still feel that the situation is dire and the comments are incriminatory, consider taking legal action, but this should only be delivered as a desperate last resort.


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