Four Ways a Niche Executive Search Firm Finds the Academic Leadership for Nursing Schools

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Has a key Nurse Educator or Administrator been promoted or perhaps resigned from your University? Both large and small Nursing Programs face the need to find a suitable replacement for a strategic position in a short time. A niche executive search firm has the expertise and tools to discreetly search all 2053 Nursing Programs in the USA to find the right person for the vacancy and minimize the disruption. Here are four additional reasons to hire a professional search team to find Academic Leadership that fits your college or university’s Nursing School.

  1. Qualified candidates may not be looking for another position.

It’s no surprise that many Academic Nurse Administrators (CNO, Dean of Nursing, Chair of Nursing, or Program Director of Nursing) & Nurse Educators enjoy their job, benefits, and respect the position brings. They are happy in the familiar surroundings and routine. How do you tell them about the opportunity of working with you? Passive candidates seldom, if ever, spend time looking at job boards or postings. A niche executive search firm knows how to attract their attention and list reasons for them to consider joining your team.

  1. The best niche executive search firms practice quality search techniques!

Clients deserve more than a group of prospective candidates who responded to a posted position. Skilled techniques ingrain a thirst for hunting down valuable prospects and remembering them when skilled positions open. Tell the firm what you need. Expect questions and provide comprehensive answers. Welcome recruiters who want to be familiar with your institution and values, so they can refer the right person for your vacant position.

  1. The right hire makes a return on your investment.

Universities invest money and time in any employee search, whether it’s on a local level or in the hands of a professional agency. A prime executive is worth more than a wish for a motivated person to continue current procedures and strategies. Be willing to pay for a long-term leader who impacts the top and bottom line through enthusiasm and results. The best talents drive revenue through ambition, creativity, and flexibility.

  1. Proven experience constantly beats ambiguous resumes.

How thrilling is it to receive hundreds of CVs for a Dean of Nursing, or other key academic position at your school? A lot of time is spent selecting possible applicants for a follow-up step. You may overlook the ideal prospect through a random search or select resumes that glow at first glance and dim when experience does not coincide with CV’s statements. A niche executive search firm screens, researches, and interviews potential candidates before finally referring a few who meet your criteria.

Your institution requires talent who are willing and able to grow with the university regardless of which position they fill. Niche recruiters use the information you provide about university culture, expectations, and future enrollment goals to find the top few prospects. You save time by having someone else do the preliminary search. The college or university saves money by acquiring a new Academic Nurse Leader or Faculty member who makes a clear-cut impact on the Nursing Program’s future.

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