How to Get into Nursing School with Bad Grades

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If you earned bad grades in high school, getting accepted for nursing school will require innovation and persistence. A good place to begin is by writing your personal statement. In it, explain reasons behind your less than stellar academic performance.

Did you suffer an accident or illness, which caused your grades to plummet? Did family matters, such as a death, divorce or serious illness have a negative impact on your studies?

If you were the cause (i.e. partying on school nights, frequent absences) and bad grades were the effect, own responsibility for your mistakes. Explain actions you will take/have taken to address the problem.

Admission committees appreciate an honest accounting of low grades.

Gather Recommendation Letters

Gather recommendation letters from your school counselor and teachers who can vouch for your dedicated efforts to improve your grades.

If an illness or injury happened, ask your doctor to write a letter of confirmation.

Making the Right Match

Chances are, you wouldn’t thrive in a top-notch, highly competitive nursing school environment, even if you were accepted. Here are several innovative ideas to help you make the right match:

Private nursing schools are easier to get into, even with bad grades. There is rarely a waiting list. The caveat is that private schools are expensive. Although, you would still be entitled to apply for scholarships, student loans, etc.

Take note to ensure the private school of your choice is accredited by the CCNE or ACEN, the nursing academic accreditation association. Otherwise, it will be tougher to get a job.

Search for schools that have recently implemented nursing programs. Their acceptance rate will be higher, since they will receive fewer applications.

Check out community colleges that offer nursing programs. Many have policies that no student will be rejected. You may be required to enroll in a remedial class to get your skills up to the mark, prior to starting your nursing education.

Do an online search for “nursing schools with high acceptance rates” or “easiest nursing schools to get into”. You’ll find schools that accept students with GPAs around 2.5 – 3.0.

Don’t eschew online nursing schools. You’ll likely be required to complete the hands-on portions of training at a local nursing school. But it’s easy to get accepted into online nursing schools and this could be your ideal match.

Bottom Line

Now you know innovative ways to pursue nursing school acceptance. Persistence is up to you.


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