How to Get into a Top-Ranked Nursing School

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Nursing is not just a job. Nursing is more than a profession. Nursing is all about living a passion-driven life. The hours may be long and tasks may not always be pleasant. Nevertheless, becoming a nurse means never really “working” another day of your life. If this sounds like you, then, isn’t it best to go big or go home?

Top ranked nursing schools groom leaders and look auspicious on resumes. But if you’ve heard it is tough to get accepted by the best schools…it is. Consequently, it is necessary to prepare early and remain persistent.

Proactive Preparation in High School

Even if you’re brilliant, schools of higher learning want picture proof. A high school diploma is essential. The admissions committee wants to see above average grades, high GPAs and compelling transcripts. Average isn’t enough, because patients deserve preeminent care of highly-intelligent nurses.

Prestigious schools like to ascertain that you have excelled in nursing related courses such as math, biology and chemistry.

Advanced Placement Classes

Consider advanced placement (AP) classes. You may get college credit upon successful completion of these college-level classes. Although AP classes are not required factors for admission, your AP grades will pack more power than ACT or SAT scores.

Early Experience Associated with Health Care Field

Due to lack of experience, it’s doubtful that you can secure a paying position in the health care field. Volunteering is the next best thing.

Nursing internships are greatly coveted, therefore, apply well in advance of start date. Getting accepted as an intern offers valuable hands-on training, which will look impressive on your nursing school application.

Explore Nursing School Opportunities Early

If you are serious about your career in nursing, start researching schools early. Once you’ve decided on 5-6 nursing schools, take efforts to visit at least two for an idea of available career paths. For example, staff nursing, case management, travel nursing, pediatric, women’s care, research and many more options exist.

Nurse educators are a valuable asset. If you can visit nursing schools, call or e-mail ahead for an appointment. Educators will give you an idea about what it takes to get a degree, tips on applying and answer your questions.

Get Your Application in Early

Once you’ve decided on a career path and selected your target nursing schools, process your applications and send them in early. Be mindful competition is enormous.

Don’t worry about simultaneous submissions. If more than one school accepts you (Happy dance!) you can evaluate locations, costs, etc. and apply for scholarships.


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