How to Keep your Nursing Candidates Engaged During the Hiring Process

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A nursing candidate that is regularly engaged during the hiring process is more likely to join your company. Too often, we forget that we have real people waiting for responses. When we leave people in limbo, they tend to move on with what they are doing. So what are some simple things you can do to improve the hiring process?

Communicate with Candidates Throughout The Process

From the moment you receive an application, you should keep your candidate up to date with what is taking place. There should be notifications that you have received an application, reviewed it, and then when an interview is scheduled. When you meet with the potential employee, give them a realistic outlook on timeframes. Then follow up with them within a week to give them an update on the process. This shows you are interested in them and it will help to make the experience a better one for the candidate.

Do Testing Between Interviews

If the nursing department requires testing, have nurses complete that before a second interview. This can help you to ensure that everyone going through the process is still a good match for things. If someone does appear to be underqualified, you’ll know that in advance, instead of finding out closer to the end. You’ll also know a better placement for the individual in terms of pay when you do make an offer.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

For your application process, avoid making things so difficult people get frustrated and fed up. If someone is working 40+ hours a week, an elaborate application process to apply for a job isn’t reasonable. Determine what you actually need to know early on in the application process and make it candidate friendly. You’re more likely to have people who have little time applying for your nursing positions, rather than having fresh faces filling your inbox that may not be the top tier talent you are looking for.

Have the Candidate Shadow Someone for A Few Hours

If you are leaning between a few candidates, take a step back and consider your options. Have the individuals shadow someone to gain a deeper understanding of what is expected of them. Just make sure they sign a non-disclosure agreement in advance. That way, you don’t have many of the headaches that can come from someone coming in and talking too much.

Let Nurses Down Gently Instead of Making Them Wait

Don’t drag out the process for individuals you definitely know aren’t going to work out. Gain a reputation for being truthful and upfront with candidates. This will earn you a better reputation and will have more people applying with you, since you won’t be viewed as a timewaster.

Keeping your nurses in the know will ensure that you continue to have an individual who is delivering their best work each time. Take a moment to consider all the candidates you have and ensure they remain vested in the entire process.

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