How to Create a Great LinkedIn Company Page

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Creating, building, and promoting your institution takes time and effort. LinkedIn helps all types of universities and colleges become visible to other members of the site. Once you have an established LinkedIn Company Page, the members get to learn about the essence of your academic programs and see the job openings you have. A link to your employees will appear in your company page which should increase your university’s engagement and visibility.

Read on to learn how to create a great LinkedIn Company Page.

1. Go build your business page. Creating a company page is not difficult at all. On your personal homepage, click “Interests” at the upper part of your personal page. You will find “Create Company Page” after. Then, click the yellow button to start the process. Enter your college or university’s email address and then confirm that you are an official company representative. Current employees are the only ones who can create a company page. Here are some helpful steps in building your business page:

• Incorporate visual effects. Be sure to upload your university’s logo, which should be 300 x 300 pixels and your banner, which should be 646×220 pixels. Remember that symbols usually express more about your institution than the actual description.


• Upload your desired content. In writing your company description, you can use 2,000 characters. You should utilize SEO keywords in describing your academic programs and your mission. You should also focus on your brand here, so be sure you give a clear overview of your products and services.


• Don’t forget the product pages. This is the page dedicated to showing what you offer. Here, you direct your attention to your target audience. Since you only have ten pages to use, choose the products that your prospective students, hiring companies, and alumni most request.


• Complete your company page. Make sure that you have the option of identifying certain administrators who can maintain and edit your business page content.


2. Always measure your progress. Check your stats constantly, so you can see how your updates and your pages are doing. The “Notifications” and “Analytics” tabs can help you accomplish this.


3. Interact and build with your community. When you know that your Company Page is already published, start sharing content that your target audience finds valuable. Always share inspirational quotes, student and faculty success stories and impressive academic statistics. You can also give your audience links to relevant content you posted on another site.


You can achieve more for your university or college with a functional and efficient LinkedIn Company Page. In just a few clicks, your programs can go further and reach greater heights.



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