What Makes a Great Professor of Nursing?

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Healthcare is among the fastest growing of any profession. Each day however, many prospective students are unable to enter their profession of choice because of a shortage that most people aren’t aware of. There simply aren’t enough nursing educators to instruct them all. While the shortage of nursing staff is in high demand is well known, the fact that there aren’t enough professors of nursing seems to have escaped the media’s notice. While a good nursing educator teaches their student all that they need to know, some go above and beyond to have a huge impact on the lives of their students. Great nursing professors create great nurses, but what are some of the qualities that make a great professor of nursing?


As with any career, being a professor of nursing requires dedication. Nursing is a very difficult job that requires not only never ending dedication, but a real belief that they are making a difference. For students to see that dedication in a professor is inspiring. It allows them to get to know someone who, even after years of nursing, still has a passion for their profession. By setting a good example of long term dedication, the professor is teaching a lesson that can help aspiring nurses to not only break into their profession, but to remain there.


While patience may seem like an obvious trait, it is surprisingly under emphasized in teachers. Having patience with not only your students, but yourself as well can foster a more disciplined, rational you. Patience can enable you to overcome fear, anxiety, discouragement, and even failure. This is a quality that can should be applied to your teaching style and also imparted to those you teach.

Patience isn’t always easy, but the first step is to learn to relax. Taking a few deep breaths and remind yourself that everything worthwhile takes time. Take an extra minute to answer a question, deal with an irate patient, or answer questions from your students. When they see that you care enough to take time to listen, they will be more likely to use patience when dealing with others.


Teaching is among the most difficult of all professions, particularly when your students happen to be adults. A strong sense of confidence in yourself will give them confidence in both you and themselves. If you regularly second guess yourself, you’ll be a wreck in the classroom no matter how many years of nursing experience you have. Sometimes even outstanding nurses won’t make good nursing professors. It takes supreme confidence in your abilities in order to teach other people how it’s done.

There are many other qualities that make a great professor of nursing and this doesn’t even begin to list them all. One quality that is essential is a sense of humor. Nurses deal with long hours, bad tempers, and all manner of unpleasant situations. In order to survive with your sanity intact, nurses need to be able to take it all in stride and handle it with a smile or a quick joke. Not only will your students appreciate a sense of humor, it can keep your stress levels from becoming overwhelming.

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