Nurse Salaries – Academic vs. Hospital

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In the United States, the nursing profession has tremendous diversity.

This fact is reflected in the range of activities, organization, responsibilities, academic preparation, educational financing, and personnel levels that the said profession has. The various responsibilities of a nurse depend on the area in which they practice. This brings about the fact that an academic nurse differs wildly from a critical care nurse, albeit they may have some of the same duties.

An academic nurse or a nurse educator deals with nursing students, non-nursing colleagues, and other nursing staff.

A hospital nurse’s main concerns involve caring for their sick patients, who are confined to their beds.

If you are thinking about taking the path of either an academic nurse or a hospital nurse, read on.

There are some wide diversity in challenges and salaries.

The Academic Nurse

Among the responsibilities of academic nurses or nurse educators:

  • They make certain that the evaluation and education of the nursing staff is a continuous process.
  • They work with the administrators of hospitals to develop programs for continuing evaluations and education for their institution’s nursing staff.
  • They help create patient care systems.
  • They aid in setting up policies.
  • They analyze a wide collection of healthcare needs, so that they can give the best possible resources for the nursing staff in a clinic or hospital.
  • They facilitate employee remediation, training, and evaluations.
  • They may participate in the development of procedures, manuals, and training guides.
  • They deliver presentations via teleconferences or in person.
  • They teach both student nurses as well as full-fledged nurses, depending on their position and facility.

If you want to be an academic nurse or a nurse educator you will be required to have a degree ranging from BSN to MSN or higher and the license of a registered nurse (RN) in your state. It also involves several years of practical experience as an RN in a clinic or a hospital. Updated certifications are required as well. Because of these responsibilities and requirements, academic nurses have an average income of $45,040 to $94,720 USD.

This is such a diverse figure in that it depends on the nurse’s level of experience and education. It also depends on the location in which the nurse is working. Academic nurses who educate in hospitals or in diploma programs are paid differently than those who educate in universities.

The Hospital Nurse

Once you become a registered nurse (RN) in your state, you are qualified to work for medical clinics or hospitals. A registered nurse or a hospital nurse can also work in outpatient facilities, senior center, or rehabilitation centers to promote health and wellness.

Here are some of the responsibilities of hospital nurses:

  • They assess the health needs and issues of their patients.
  • They maintain their patients’ medical records.
  • They develop NCPs (nursing care plans) and implement them.
  • They remind patients about disease prevention and health maintenance.
  • They provide nursing care to disables, ill, convalescent, or injured patients.
  • They should follow instructions given by their patients’ doctors.

To become a hospital nurse, you should earn a BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) or an ADN (Associate Degree in Nursing). Their state’s board of nursing provides the license for their practice. Some states require a passing score in a Medical Administration Exam so that the hospital nurse can administer medications.

A registered hospital nurse in the United States has an average salary of $67,930 USD per year. This means that on average, an RN earns $5,660 USD a month, $1,306 a week, or $32.55 an hour.

Academia or Critical care both have a place in our healthcare system and in many cases one may cross over to become another. What provides the most pleasure and challenge to you?

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