Nursing Will be the Most In-Demand Job in 2017

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It’s surprising to note that not a doctor, but a nurse’s job is predicted to be the most in-demand job for the year 2017. This is attributed to a few reasons – a shortage of specialty nurses, the aging US population requiring more health care services and because about 62% of the existing nurses are expected to retire in the next three years.

Hospitals are also looking for new graduate nurses to train them as they find it financially more viable to retain existing nurses than hiring contract nurses. Nursing is in fact a wide field, and as long as you are comfortable with blood, the increased demand and job satisfaction of nurses makes it worth becoming one!

The increased demand for nurses is because of:

  • Neonatal nurses are needed to work with premature babies, usually under intensive care.
  • Nurse midwives are needed to perform births, and look after mothers before, during and after the babies’ deliveries.
  • Clinical nurses are needed to diagnose and treat chronically ill patients, usually suffering from heart and lung disease, cancer or other diseases requiring specialized care.
  • Critical care nurses are needed to work in the intensive care unit to treat specific health problems like burns and heart/lung problems.
  • Dialysis nurses are needed to work with patients with kidney problems who require regular dialysis to survive, and with patients who had recently undergone a kidney transplant.
  • Nurse practitioners are needed to work with a doctor to exam, diagnose and prescribe drugs to patients as there is a shortage of doctors in the country.
  • Nurse anesthetists are high in demand for providing anesthesia to patients undergoing surgery. They are also responsible for managing an OR patient’s care and providing follow-up care to outpatient procedures.
  • Pain management nurses are in demand for alleviating chronic pain and improving a patient’s quality of life. They determine the cause of pain and then work with other medical professionals to ascertain the best course of treatment.
  • Psychiatric nurses are needed to help patients deal with mental illnesses and avoid lifelong mental problems.
  • Trauma nurses work is high in demand for treating patients in emergencies in ERs, urgent care centers and trauma facilities.

With such a high demand for so many types of nurses to help treat so many health conditions, it’s no wonder that nursing is predicted to be the most in-demand job in the year 2017!


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