For-Profit Nursing Programs – Are They Producing Great Nurses?

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YES – Many for profit nursing schools produce fantastic nurses!!!

For-Profit Nursing Programs are another option for students who are not keen on going through the tedious process of admission into their state universities and local community colleges. Students who want to be educated in these public institutions must go through hard entrance exams, lottery-style admissions, exhausting pre-requisite subjects, and long waiting lists. Time is of the essence in the field of nursing.  Many want to become RNs (registered nurses) quickly, so that they can fill the increasing demand for nurses nationwide and begin to make a decent salary.

It is true that for-profit nursing schools offer courses to become a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse in their advertisements, but do they really deliver?

The private For-Profit Nursing Institutions fill the demand for more providers of higher education in the country. Though they do present as solutions for accommodating nursing students, there can be drawbacks to choosing them in educating future nurses:

  • They can be expensive. The tuition fee in for-profit nursing schools is usually higher than a new graduate’s first annual earnings.
  • Many private for profit nursing schools do not have regional accreditation. This makes it difficult for the earned credits to be transferred to public universities and colleges. Many for-profit nursing schools are only nationally accredited by certain entities that also accredit other for-profit organizations.
  • The employment opportunities presented can be limited. Federal employers such as the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration do not hire nurses from programs that lack accreditation.

Aspiring nurses should discern carefully when it comes to choosing the right nursing institution that can give the right education, training, and opportunities for their chosen career.

If you think you cannot wait for that admission to your local community college or university, for-profit nursing institutions are very eager to accept you. Of course, expect higher tuition to earn your associate or bachelor’s degree at a for-profit nursing school. Research shows the price for an Associate’s degree  can range from $29,000 USD to $51,000 USD. At many community colleges you can earn your associate’s degree for less than $12,000 USD, but you could wait for a year or more to be accepted.

If you are going to enroll in a nursing program be sure to look up the college’s NCLEX pass-rates, graduation rates, job placement rates, and its programmatic accreditation standing.  

It is best for you to find a reputable, accredited, and recognized nursing institution, in which to train as a nurse. It is better to wait for acceptance into a program with programmatic accreditation and a history of their nursing students passing the NCLEX than spending a large amount of your money and time for an uncertain future in nursing.


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