How to Stop Hiring People Who Disappoint You

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It is a common and frustrating problem for employers to be stuck with the wrong people for job positions, but it is easy to forget that the hiring process begins from the very first instance that a job post is offered. There are some ways to prevent disappointment down the road simply by streamlining and fine-tuning existing recruitment beliefs and processes.

Vetting through Online Credentials

Aside from resumes/CVs, employers may consider performing a thorough check on candidates on the internet. Most employees would have a professional profile set up on sites such as LinkedIn, Xing, and Doostang, which provide a better assessment of the individuals as well as a summarized breakdown of their significant experiences. This process helps employers to make better-informed choices.

Alternatively, employers may send professional company profile links to candidates where they may better grasp the work culture, ethics, and style of the company. This allows applicants to determine if they are a good job fit for the vacancy before they decide to hop onboard.

A Crisp Job Description

Attracting the right people for the job entails in an accurately crafted description of the job position that avoids vagueness or ambiguity. Be concise in the job scope, remuneration required skill sets and qualifications through using clear language that puts everything out in the open.

Also, avoid jargon that may confuse applicants, you want to hire the people who fully understand what they are in for, who are willing to commit to your team and effectively contribute.

Aside from preventing a spam of unqualified candidates, this practice helps to streamline the ideal character fit for your role.

Lean Toward Attitude

A preponderance of companies makes the mistake of hiring based on skillset alone. The attitude of a person is the true determinate factor of their loyalty toward the company and overall efficiency. For example, if you were to hire a dedicated Chair for your Allied Health programs with 5 years of solid experience, consider throwing the candidate off by offering a situational problem during the interview and observe the response.

Generally, although skills are vital in a role, it is important to hire people who exhibit qualities such as being team-players, pragmatic, problem-solvers and showing a sense of responsibility for their actions.


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