Technology in the Nursing Field

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Technological advancements impact the way professionals get their jobs done. Nurses in the United States also experience the same changes when technology improves. Innovation in medical software and medical devices are changing the nursing practice dramatically. This involves task management and patient care management. 

What are the Advantages of Nursing Technology?

Advanced technology in nursing involves various software, devices, and systems that are designed and built to make patient care easier.

Through these innovations, the following advantages become evident:

  • They reduce the amount of time that nurses spend on their myriad tasks significantly.
  • They improve patient safety and professional accuracy.
  • They prevent unauthorized people from accessing confidential patient records and entering certain facilities.
  • They cut down medical errors.
  • With these benefits brought about by the latest nursing technology, nurses can focus on their direct patient care.

The Latest in Nursing Technology

Anyone who works in today’s healthcare industry experiences the result of dedicated efforts in challenging research and brilliant invention. The best level of patient care is magnified because all the other nursing tasks are easier to accomplish. The following are some of the latest in nursing technology:

  • Advanced Patient Monitoring. Some patients become anxious whenever a nurse enters the room to get their vital signs. That is why wireless patient monitoring devices are very helpful. Sensors and chips are implanted into mattresses, beds, to monitor each patient’s movement, blood pressure, or weight without waking them up or startling them. These devices also provide another layer of patient monitoring during sleep.
  • Better systems of communication. Nurses need to coordinate with other healthcare professionals. In a hectic hospital environment, communication needs to be effective. This way, healthcare matters can be addressed immediately. Advanced mobile devices, paging systems, and communication apps, enable nurses to be on top of things more easily. Smart wireless communication systems also route calls to specific nurses. This results in quicker response times and more accurate nursing interventions.
  • Technologies in diagnostics. As you know, it can be a challenge to diagnose patients. Modern diagnostic tools make it easier for doctors and nurses to diagnose the condition and formulate treatments.
  • Electronic Healthcare Records (EHR) makes it easier for nurse to update their patients’ records and share them with colleagues involved with the patients’ treatments. It helps keep patients safe as well.
  • Tools in Lifting Patients. Many nurses acquire bad injuries when they lift their patients. With advanced patient lifting tools, nurses can now lift their patients easier and safer.
  • Locating in Real Time. Nurses often need to locate certain equipment, vital to their nursing care plans. Looking for these equipment costs a lot of time, this should be spent on more pressing duties. Indoor positioning systems (IPSs) track a code or a chip embedded in the medical equipment. These systems also prevent misuse and theft of expensive medical equipment. The same chip or code can be attached to the wristbands of patients with dementia or mental illness. The hospital’s IPS can help nurses catch up with them or locate them before they wander off or cause injury to themselves or to others.
  • Advanced nursing technology improves patient care significantly. Because nurses worry less about accomplishing certain tasks, they can improve their accuracy, efficiency, and overall patient care.


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